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Vehicle Damage to Home

If your home has been hit by a vehicle, even if the damage seems superficial, it's important to have the structural components of your home inspected right away and temporary supports installed if necessary. In our experience the damage can be more extensive that what you see and waiting too long to address it can cause even more harm.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be more extensive than it first appears and mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours after the damage occurs. Our company uses equipment to test the moisture content of the damaged materials, ensuring that we find everywhere the water traveled. We document and monitor the moisture content of materials left in place until we know that your home has been properly mitigated. Structural drying is an important factor, and we have an IICRC certification in Applied Structural Drying. Once your home is dry, we treat with an antimicrobial before rebuilding the damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

This home had fire damage in 2023. We thoroughly documented the damage from heat and smoke. All materials that could not be saved were removed and replaced. A licensed master electrician and plumber inspected the home and replaced any damaged wiring and plumbing. Stay tuned for updates as this restoration continues!

Photo Gallery of Completed and Ongoing Projects

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